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Fueling the Future: Innovative Carbon Alternatives in the Spotlight with Western Australia Government Grant

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Tony & Tess Make TiO2

A trio of employees at Tronox's Hamilton, Mississippi plant told a simple story of how titanium dioxide (TiO2) is manufactured with the help of bright illustrations and non-technical language. Tony & Tess Make TiO2 explains how we do what we... Continue Reading

A Diversity and Inclusion Milestone in Yanbu

A women's college was among the educational institutions recently visited by a Tronox team. A women's college was among the educational institutions recently visited by a Tronox team. Diversity & Inclusion at Tronox means leading and encouraging a diverse workforce... Continue Reading

Products Benefitting the World

Tronox has an unrivaled range of products that aligns with our sustainability goals to combat climate change, reduce waste to external landfills, and protect the health and safety of people. We harness the unique properties of TiO2, titanium chemicals, and... Continue Reading

Rehabilitation Recognition for Tronox’s Southern Operations

Tronox’s Southern Operations' environmental restoration efforts garnered praise from an Australian government agency. Tronox began restoring 110 hectares of Ludlow Tuart Forest in 2005. This year, our mining team in Australia were recognized for their work on the Ludlow Tuart Forest... Continue Reading

Prioritizing Mental Health

One aspect of maintaining a safety culture that is often overlooked is mental health. Globally, one in six adults faces mental health challenges, such as depression and anxiety. We are proud that Tronox has expanded the mental health support provided... Continue Reading

Investing in the Success of our Communities

Local Economic Development projects in South Africa have a positive impact on communities and residents. In 2021, Tronox invested over R9.8 million (US$595,340) to enhance communities near our Namakwa Sands sites. The funds were used to renovate the community hall,... Continue Reading

New Partnership Impacts Community Youth

Tronox continues to make a positive impact on youth in our host communities. Tronox recently entered into a partnership with the Clontarf Foundation to support the Clontarf Academy at Newton Moore Senior High School, near our Bunbury site. The mission of the... Continue Reading

Committed to Our Environment

Inhabitants of the four new beehives at our Thann, France serve an important purpose: environmental monitoring. We understand our operations are often in areas that are home to unique animals, plants and wildlife. Our mines and plants benefit from the... Continue Reading

Shining Light on Tronox’s KZN Communities

Tronox KZN Sands officially hands community development projects over to locals Tronox creates value for all its stakeholders by investing in many ways, such as ensuring our products are manufactured safely and at the highest possible quality, and by supporting... Continue Reading

Committed to Our Environment: Water

Fresh water is a precious natural resource, vital to our communities and essential to our operations. At Tronox, our value to operate responsibly means we must manage water more sustainably. To do this, we focus on water reuse and recycling... Continue Reading