We utilize the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Reporting Framework, a globally accepted framework for reporting on an organization’s economic, environmental, and social performance, for communicating annually with our stakeholders. As summarized by the GRI: “Sustainability reporting is the practice of measuring, disclosing, and being accountable to internal and external stakeholders for organizational performance towards the goal of sustainable development. A sustainability report should provide a balanced and reasonable representation of the sustainability performance of a reporting organization – including both positive and negative contributions.”

Sustainability Reports

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An Integrated Approach to Sustainability

Tronox Holdings plc is a global leader in the mining, production and marketing of inorganic minerals and chemicals. We build value by managing the full extent of our supply chain.

Growing concerns arising from economic, social and environmental factors have added a sense of urgency behind international corporate sustainability efforts. As a global leader, Tronox and its 7,000 employees appreciate that the mark we leave extends beyond the minerals we extract or the pigment we manufacture. It’s about the way we do business and the example we set. We believe that we can, and should, take accountability for the economic, environmental and social consequences of our activities, and we need to minimize the unintended consequences of our actions while becoming a more efficient business that creates long-term value. Accordingly, we integrate sustainability into every aspect of our business, from our culture and our strategy to our operating practices, and we set objectives and communicate our progress to our stakeholders, which include employees and prospective employees, investors, customers, suppliers, communities, governments and regulatory bodies.

Sustainability’s Contribution to Corporate Strategy

Sustainability plays an integral role in the execution of Tronox’s corporate strategy. Our top priority is to grow our business and to do it in a way that creates lasting value for all Tronox stakeholders while preserving our license to operate globally. This requires achieving success on two key fronts which we believe Tronox is well on its way to accomplishing. First, we must outperform our competition by leveraging the strategic benefits of our full integration and by becoming the industry-wide standard bearer of operational excellence and efficiency; and second, we must retain the trust of all our stakeholders by balancing our business’s day-to-day needs with the imperative to preserve the planet’s long-term viability.

Tronox views these goals as complementary, as operating sustainably leads to stronger operational and financial results. Likewise, we are investing in technology, our people and our communities to help advance these objectives. Whether we are upgrading our control systems to reduce petcoke consumption at our global pigment facilities or re-circulating carbon monoxide gas at our titanium ore-smelting operations at KZN Sands in South Africa, Tronox’s global team is implementing solutions that limit our ecological impact, lower our costs and drive greater productivity out of our mines and pigment facilities. Moving forward, our global emphasis on innovation and problem solving will enable us to continually find new ways to use energy and water more efficiently and reduce our waste and greenhouse gas emissions.

Our Operating Practices

Each of our operating businesses, including our mining and our pigment operations, is committed to operating practices that go beyond mere compliance with local regulatory requirements. We take a proactive approach to (a) manage the risks associated with our business stemming from economic, environmental and social factors, and (b) ensure a brighter future for our customers, communities, employees and shareholders by advancing specific objectives in each of those areas.


  • Develop a financially strong, growing business that sustains itself with internally generated cash and delivers attractive returns to shareholders


Implement innovative technologies and practices to preserve scarce resources:

  • Reduce energy consumption per unit of production
  • Reduce water consumption per unit of production
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions per unit of production
  • Reduce waste per unit of production
  • Rehabilitate and restore the land we disturb in our mining operations


  • Foster a safe work environment for our people
  • Develop a workforce composed of people with varying backgrounds and styles, reflecting our customer base and the communities in which we operate
  • Engage and support our communities

Child Labor/Forced Labor

Tronox believes strongly in the basic rights of its workers and contractors. To review our Modern Slavery Statement, please click here.