Tronox Procurement

Tronox Procurement, on behalf of the Tronox businesses around the world, seeks out global, safety- and sustainability-minded suppliers or partners to provide products and services to our mining, pigment production, and administrative offices globally.

As part of our global Safety Health Environment and Quality (SHEQ)  Strategy, we are pleased to announce that Tronox have partnered with ISN (

ISNetworld will serve as Tronox’s primary contractor management system to handle the entire information management and pre-qualification processes. This will help us in our drive to improve the standards of safety and environmental management on our sites by ensuring we are only working with high calibre contract companies with values that are aligned with our own, with the appropriate processes and systems in place to sustain them.

We are in the process of onboarding new and existing supplier companies who provide high risk on-site contract services to all Tronox sites. As the process is implemented in each region, all contractors/suppliers performing services for Tronox will be required to become subscribers to ISNetworld, and to achieve an acceptable rating based on the risk associated with the work they are engaged in.

If your company is a current subscriber to ISNetworld, there is no additional fee; however, please ensure your company has completed the requirements which are specific to Tronox.

If your company is new to ISNetworld, there is a nominal fee for this service. Tronox believes the benefits to both parties will far exceed any associated costs, which include the ISNetworld pre-qualification process that collects, reviews and stores your health safety and procurement information, allowing you to complete the qualifications process for multiple hiring clients at once.  Further benefits can be found at

Existing and new suppliers nominated by Tronox, will be contacted when the region they do business with implement the system.

Any queries can be addressed via your usual site procurement contact or send to

Data Storage Notice

Tronox uses state-of-the-art contract management and ERP systems, which may be provided by third parties established outside of your home country. This implies that your personal data, to the extent included in our contracts or other documents, may be transferred to and processed in a country that does not provide the same level of data protection as in your home country.

Validation of Supplier’s Bank Details

Suppliers should be aware that we have procedures in place to prevent fraudulent attempts to re-direct payments to unauthorized bank accounts. This process requires one of Tronox’s local administrators contacting the Suppliers’ Accounts Receivable Department (or equivalent) by telephone to validate the accuracy of banking information to be processed on the Supplier/Vendor Master record in the Tronox ERP system prior to entry/confirmation. This validation must be to an established business contact. An established Supplier contact is considered to be contact details via search engine for new requests, ERP system or prior established business contact. The Local Administrator will not use the “Vendor Provided Information form/registration document” or change request document as the source for contact details. Payments to Suppliers will be held by accounts payable until banking details are validated. This process, in conjunction with authenticating the request, has been established to prevent any fraudulent attempt to re-direct payment within the ERP.

In the event that the Supplier wishes to confirm that the phone call is a genuine one they are welcome to call their regular contact at Tronox or email