Tronox Procurement

Tronox Procurement, on behalf of the Tronox businesses around the world, seeks out global, safety- and sustainability-minded suppliers or partners to provide products and services to our mining, pigment production, and administrative offices globally.

Supplier Standards

The Tronox Holdings plc Supplier Code of Conduct has been established to provide clarity on the company’s expectations and the obligations of its suppliers, business partners and their subcontractors.

Tronox values its partnerships with suppliers and fully recognizes that our mutual success is built on open communication and a commitment to common principles and business practices. Accordingly, the company has set high standards for the way it conducts business in the areas of regulatory compliance, social responsibility, and environmental stewardship.

Order Terms and Conditions – Australia

Site Operating Conditions – Australia

Data Storage Notice

Tronox uses state-of-the-art contract management and ERP systems, which may be provided by third parties established outside of your home country. This implies that your personal data, to the extent included in our contracts or other documents, may be transferred to and processed in a country that does not provide the same level of data protection as in your home country.