About Us:Our Values

Health & Safety, Responsibility, People, Teamwork, Customers, and Results – these values define our approach to doing business. Our leadership team and our 3,400 global employees remain dedicated to living, communicating and reinforcing these values throughout the business.

Our Values

Health & Safety

We work safely — all the time

We believe passionately that everyone at Tronox should experience a safe and healthy workplace. We proactively identify and manage risk, conduct ourselves responsibly, exercise good judgment and take responsibility for our actions.


We care for our environment and our communities

We are responsible citizens, as a company and as individuals. We are stewards of our environment and active in our communities.


People are our most important resource

We create opportunities for development and act intentionally to create a diverse and supportive work environment. Each of us is committed to personal growth and development, embraces change, and learns from our successes and mistakes in order to create a high-performance culture.


We will win — as a team

We collaborate effectively, communicate openly, engage honestly, treat others respectfully, and make informed decisions.


It really is all about the customer

Our collective purpose is to create and sell differentiated and competitive products and services, and to make it easy for our customers – internal and external – to do business with us.


We measure, own and deliver results

We encourage creativity and measure results. We set clearly defined and challenging objectives; we own those objectives, and we deliver results, with a relentless focus on operational excellence. We innovate our processes to continuously deliver better results.

The Tronox Code of Ethics and Business Conduct

We are committed to conducting our business with honesty and integrity and complying with all applicable laws. This commitment is evidenced by our belief in and our commitment to our Tronox Values. The Tronox Code of Ethics and Business Conduct is a further articulation of these values and represents our dedication to high standards of business ethics. It summarizes the legal and ethical principles that we follow in our daily work and applies these principles to our policies and practices.

On November 15, 2018, Tronox's Board of Directors approved certain amendments to the Code of Ethics and Business Conduct, including enhancements to existing provisions regarding competition law, anti-bribery laws, maintaining a fair and safe workplace and guidance on charitable and political contributions. The Code of Ethics and Business Conduct applies to employees and directors, as well as our agents, suppliers and contractors. Each employee is responsible for demonstrating integrity and leadership by complying with the provisions of the Code of Ethics and Business Conduct, Company policies and all applicable laws. By fully including ethics and integrity in our ongoing business relationships and decision making, we believe we demonstrate a commitment to a culture that promotes the highest ethical standards.


The Tronox Global Tax Strategy

We are committed to the highest standards of tax compliance. We seek to fulfill all local, federal, and international guidelines while maximizing shareholder value and serving the interests of our stakeholders.

Tronox Limited is publishing this tax strategy pursuant to paragraph 16(2) of Schedule 19 of the UK Finance Act 2016.