I have been invited to link with Tronox, why is it important to register in Coupa?

Sep 16, 2022

The CSP makes managing transactions with Tronox easy, including viewing purchase orders, setting up delivery methods, creating catalogs, sending invoices and advance ship notices (ASNs)  – all in an easy-to-use, self-service platform.

As an important reminder, Tronox will not be managing supplier information on their behalf any longer. In order to make this transition of information management as seamless as possible, suppliers are encouraged to explore and utilize all the benefits that the CSP has to offer.

The CSP allows you to be in control of your information and view invoice progression to payment at any time, ensuring they are paid in a timely manner. The CSP has the ability to increase workload efficiency and decrease compliance risk across the board by consolidating all supplier interactions onto a single platform. Through the CSP we are aiming to build trust through transparency, support genuine partnerships, and welcome new ideas.