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Account, registration and log in

If you are an existing supplier to Tronox, please send your primary contact details (First Name, Last Name and email account) to . As a next step, you will receive an email invite to register in Coupa. You can also reference our quick reference guide on How to Register on Coupa Supplier Portal.

Please see the following article on how to create or improve your profile – Create or improve your profile

There is no charge to use the Coupa Supplier Portal.

On the CSP login page, click on “Forget Your Password?” and provide your email address linked to

your account and Coupa will send you a link to reset your password

Please review the quick reference guide for adding users to your account:

How to Invite Coworkers to the Coupa Supplier Portal

Coupa also provides the following article which explains how to set up a new user account:

Adding users to your account

Once you have successfully set up a new user, you can edit their profile in the Admin page and select the customer(s) they need to be connected with.

Business details such as address and contact persons can be changed via the CSP > Profile > Information Request > Tronox customer profile. You can also reference our quick reference guide on How to Fill SIM Form in Coupa Supplier Portal as a Tronox Supplier

Please reference our quick reference guide on How to Merge Supplier Accounts on Coupa Supplier Portal. Please note that once you have merged accounts, this cannot be undone

No additional software is required. You will only need access to the internet and an email account to access the Coupa Supplier Portal.


Contact your Procurement contact to discuss any opportunities to make your catalogue available online, or alternatively contact supplier.enablement@tronox.com

Please refer to our quick reference guide on How to Manage Hosted Catalogs in Coupa Supplier Portal.

General Information

For any Coupa Supplier Portal (https://supplier.coupahost.com) questions that are Tronox related, please contact supplier.enablement@tronox.com For general CSP questions not Tronox related, you may contact the Coupa specialized Supplier Support Team at supplier@coupa.com, or you can use their online chat function at supplier.coupahost.com on the bottom right of your window.

The CSP makes managing transactions with Tronox easy, including viewing purchase orders, setting up delivery methods, creating catalogs, sending invoices and advance ship notices (ASNs)  – all in an easy-to-use, self-service platform.

As an important reminder, Tronox will not be managing supplier information on their behalf any longer. In order to make this transition of information management as seamless as possible, suppliers are encouraged to explore and utilize all the benefits that the CSP has to offer.

The CSP allows you to be in control of your information and view invoice progression to payment at any time, ensuring they are paid in a timely manner. The CSP has the ability to increase workload efficiency and decrease compliance risk across the board by consolidating all supplier interactions onto a single platform. Through the CSP we are aiming to build trust through transparency, support genuine partnerships, and welcome new ideas.

The Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP) is a cloud-based platform, designed specifically for buyers and suppliers to collaborate. Suppliers can use the CSP to update their business details, manage their catalogues, view their purchase orders, and check the status of their transactions without having to contact an Accounts Payable department.

For more information about Coupa, suppliers can visit the Coupa Supplier page and watch the CSP tutorials


Yes, you can check the status of your submitted Invoices in the Coupa Supplier Portal. You will need to request the invite by Tronox to register in Coupa, then you will be able to check invoice status (e.g., Approved / Paid) and Payment Due Date.

Yes, all invoices against a purchase order should be loaded into Coupa. For invoices without a Purchase Order reference, you should follow the instructions in the purchase orders to submit invoices e.g., in PDF format by email including purchase order number and line number on the invoice

On the main menu, click on the Orders tab. Select Tronox from the Select Customer dropdown menu. In the PO table that appears, choose the PO you want to invoice, and then click on the yellow coins to create an invoice. For more information, see Create an invoice from a PO

To create a credit, enter a negative quantity. Once an invoice is submitted, it cannot be changed in any way. For more information, see Create a Credit Note

Blanket orders are called Service Amount POs in Coupa. You can invoice multiple times against a single PO. Just click the gold coin icon for the PO as you normally would, then enter the amount you would like to see on the invoice. The next time you want to invoice against the PO, you may repeat this action.

Invoices in the CSP are available for you to download as long as you are connected to the corresponding customer through the CSP. You can also develop an internal process for downloading and storing these invoices in a separate electronic archive of your choice

Pending Approval – the invoice needs to be processed by our Accounts Payable team. This could be dependent on the item or service needing to be received. As a supplier of services, you can submit your time sheet in Coupa to expedite this process.

Approved – Invoice has been posted and will be paid according to the payment terms on the purchase order.

Rejected – The invoice was identified as a duplicate, is obsolete, was deleted, cancelled, or rejected by our Accounts Payable team.

Disputed – The invoice was rejected and is now editable by the you to correct any errors.

Once an invoice has been submitted, it cannot be changed in any way. This ensures invoice processing integrity. However, you still have the option to create a new credit memo that credits the customer for the original value, and then create a new invoice.

Note: Tronox uses compliant invoicing, which means we can only reject invoices but not void them.


Yes, The Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP) is available in several languages. When accessing the CSP, you can select different language and region combinations, such as Spanish for Mexico.  To change the CSP language, select the language menu (default should be “English (US)”)at the bottom of the page and choose your language and region. For a list of available languages and regions, see Supported Languages.  Based on the language/region you select, the date format will automatically update.

You can change view settings and specify the settings you want to use for a custom view. Please see the following article for more information: Create Custom Views

Please contact our Tronox Supplier Enablement team at supplier.enablement@tronox.com. Be sure to include your company name

No, the information in the CSP is not archived, but you can access it as long as you have a CSP account.

Purchase Orders

Yes, you can check your list of orders generated in Coupa via the Coupa Supplier Portal. You will need to request an invite from Tronox to register in Coupa first

Yes, please ensure the domain @tronox.coupahost.com is whitelisted so Purchase Orders from the Coupa system do not end up in your spam folder.


You will see a grey gear symbol under the actions column of the Purchase Order. Click the gear, enter your time per line and submit back to Tronox. Please refer to our quick reference guide on How to Manage Service Entry Sheet in Coupa Supplier Portal


You can access a Coupa account or the Coupa Supplier Portal to take part in sourcing events. You can access an event directly from a sourcing event e-mail invite. A Tronox Buyer can set up Coupa to require you to have an account and sign in to view sourcing events. In this case, you will receive an email the first time you are invited to an event. The email contains your username (your email) and a link to set up your password. Please reference our quick reference guide on How to Manage Sourcing Events in Coupa.

Depending on the time you need to fill in your responses, your browser might time out. To avoid losing your responses, enter them offline by using the exported .csv file and import the file back into the event. If you decide to fill in your responses online, make sure you save your changes frequently.

As a supplier, you can find out if your response was submitted from:

  • The flash message that indicates if the response went through
  • The history at the bottom of the event page indicates the total amount, response name, and the time the response was submitted

If you are having an issue logging into an event, uploading or submitting a response, or have any other technical questions, please reach out to Coupa Support by emailing sourcing.support@coupa.com 

Please send the following information in the email:

  • Your Coupa customer Company’s name (Company’s name that is inviting you to an event);
  • Event number;
  • A description of the problem you’re having;
  • A copy of the original invitation email you received (not a screenshot).

Please refer to our quick reference guide on How to Manage Sourcing Events in Coupa.

You may also find helpful articles from Coupa below:

Please use the Online Message Board to communicate with your Tronox Buyer. It’s located in the bottom left-hand corner of every screen in the online event.

Please use the Online Message Board to communicate with your Coupa customer. It’s located in the bottom left-hand corner of every screen in the online event. Alternatively, you can contact your Coupa customer by replying directly to the email invite you received.

Correct, by default the language is set to English. This is the official company language for Tronox. Suppliers can always change the language of the instance manually.

If the event owner/creator has made changes to the event, you need to accept changes before you can submit your bid. The checkbox to accept changes is above the Submit button.

If the buyer is changing an event, the event closes for editing. If you attempt to view an event that     is being edited, you will see a notification saying, “Event is being edited”. When the buyer finishes making changes and submits the event, a new revision of the event is created, and you will receive an email notification. When you access the edited event, you must accept the changes while entering your response.

Export to Excel, enter your response, and import the file. This helps you enter your responses offline. Note that if the event is closed for editing, the originally downloaded file cannot be uploaded and you will have to download the file from the revised event.

You receive emails periodically reminding you that you have an event that is about to end. If you have not submitted your response, you need to respond within the last day of the event. If you have responded, you can ignore the reminder emails.