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Thann Plant

May 1, 2019

In 1922, the Thann Plant became the first in the world to produce TiO2. The plant produces TiO2 through a sulfate-based process, a wet chemical process that uses sulfuric acid to extract and purify TiO2 in anatase crystal form. The raw pigment is then finished into a product with specific performance characteristics for particular end-use applications, essentially in the paper, paint, plastic and rubber markets. Specialty and high-performance TiO2 products produced at Thann include titanium tetrachloride that is used in the manufacture of specialty pearlescent pigments for automotive paints and also as a catalyst in the chemical industry. Another product, ultrafine TiO2, is primarily used to improve our environment (air and water pollution control) and in the design of self-cleaning surfaces (photocatalysis).

Approximate number of employees: 225