Technological Innovation

Tronox has a proud history of innovative process and product improvements. These enhancements, designed with our customers in mind, are focused on safely and efficiently increasing throughput and productivity.

We focus on innovations that improve existing technologies and enable us to capitalize on market opportunities. We continue to develop new, high-performance grades of titanium dioxide pigment at our Research and Development Center in Oklahoma City.

Proprietary Technology

Tronox is one of only a few titanium dioxide producers in the world with proprietary chloride technology. One of the company’s most valuable assets, our chloride-process technology, yields consistently whiter, brighter pigment grades, which are preferred in paints, coatings and plastics.

Research and Development

The scientists and technicians at our Research and Development Center in Oklahoma City work closely with the company’s plants and our worldwide technical sales service teams. This enables Tronox to develop new pigment grades that meet customers’ increasingly stringent technical requirements, as well as address their future needs. The result is high-quality products with optical performance tailored to specific customer applications.