Rutile is a naturally occurring mineral, with a TiO2 content ranging from 94-96 percent.

Rutile is separated from heavy mineral concentrate in the dry mill or mineral separation plants, located at Tronox’s Chandala, KZN Sands and Namakwa Sands operations.

Tronox’s rutile is predominantly used as a feedstock for the manufacture of titanium dioxide pigment and as an ingredient for the flux used in the production of stick- and wire-based welding electrodes. Other applications include the manufacture of asbestos-free brake pads, ceramic glaze for roofing tiles and the production of ferrotitanium.

Rutile can also be a primary feedstock for the production of titanium metal, which is then used in a number of applications that make use of titanium’s light weight, high strength and corrosion resistance, such as aircraft components and surgical implants.

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