Kwinana, Australia

Tronox’s Kwinana operations complete the remarkable transformation of dull black ilmenite sand into more than 150,000 metric tons of pure white titanium dioxide pigment a year.

The Pigment Plant, is similar in configuration and process to Tronox’s plants in Botlek and Hamilton where synthetic rutile or titanium feedstock is reacted with petroleum coke and chlorine in fluidized bed reactors, or chlorinators, producing titanium tetrachloride, which is purified by condensation and distillation. The remaining gases from this process are systematically treated by incineration and scrubbing.

The next stage uses a special process, based on propriatary technology licensed from Tronox.

The pigment goes through a finishing process which involves milling, classification, surface treatment, filtering, drying and micronizing prior to packaging for distribution to domestic and international markets.