Namakwa Sands’ Cogeneration Plant Honored

With South Africa’s power grid under continual strain, Tronox is achieving recognition as a corporate leader in reducing electricity consumption.

The company’s Namakwa Sands cogeneration plant recently received two prestigious honors: the 2014 South African National Energy Association (SANEA) Energy Project Award and the South African Association of Energy Efficiency (SAEE) 2014 Energy Project of the Year Award. Both accolades were presented at awards banquets and ceremonies.

Tronox commissioned the cogeneration plant at its smelter in Saldanha, South Africa in December 2013. The plant utilizes previously flared energy on-site energy sources to trim energy use by a forecasted 15 percent. The carbon footprint of electricity from this cogeneration source is virtually zero and is one of the first co-generation projects to qualify under the Clean Development Mechanism project of the Kyoto Protocol on climate change.

“The plant uses the smelter waste gas from both furnaces to gas engines, which generate electricity,” said Tronox Senior Electrical Engineer Peter Haley, who accepted the award on behalf of Tronox. “The gas was previously flared to atmosphere.”

This SANEA award is for a specific project or other defined activity (by an individual or a corporation) that has either made a significant contribution to the South African energy environment or that has brought international credibility for South Africa.

The SAEE awards program recognizes the outstanding accomplishments of individuals and companies in the energy industry. According to SAEE’s website, criteria for the Energy Project of the Year Award include the achievement of outstanding energy-saving results, the demonstration of exceptional return on investment, and the application of innovative ways to reduce energy use.