Tronox’s Sustainability Priorities: A Three-Pronged Approach

In keeping with the company’s commitment to being a global leader in corporate sustainability, Tronox prioritizes behaviors and policies that will have the greatest impact in managing the risks associated with our business stemming from economic, environmental and social factors.  By measuring our performance and bringing an acute focus to delivering on each priority, Tronox drives long-term shareholder value and helps ensure a brighter future for our customers, communities, employees and shareholders.


  • Develop a financially strong, growing business that sustains itself with internally generated cash and delivers attractive returns to shareholders


Implement innovative technologies and practices to preserve scarce resources:

  • Reduce energy consumption per unit of production
  • Reduce water consumption per unit of production
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions per unit of production
  • Reduce waste per unit of production
  • Rehabilitate and restore the land we disturb in our mining operations


  • Foster a safe work environment for our people
  • Develop a workforce composed of people with varying backgrounds and styles, reflecting our customer base and the communities in which we operate
  • Engage and support our communities