Boron Trichloride

Product Information
Brand Name Trona® Boron Trichloride
Chemical Name Boron Trichloride
Manufacture Location Henderson, Nevada USA
Formula BCl3
Molecular Weight 117.17
CAS Number 10294-34-5
Appearance Clear, colorless liquid or gas, fumes in air


Typical Chemical Analysis
Element Standard Grades
High Purity
Boron Trichloride (BCl3) %weight 99.9% 99.99% 99.999%
Phosgene (COCI2) ppm <300 <10 <1
Silicon (Si) ppm <10 <5 <1
Chlorine ppm <2 <1 <0.5


Other Properties
Density (liquid) at 12.5° C 1.346 g/cc
Density (vapor) at 12.5° C 5.00 g/l
Boiling Point at 760 torr 12.5° C
Melting Point -107° C

*Metals analysis upon request.


Boron Trichloride is packaged in 100-pound net (DOT 4BW–400) and 1200-pound net (DOT 4BW-240) steel cylinders. Cylinders are strapped (metal) to wooden pallets prior to shipment. The 1200-pound cylinders are equipped with separate valves for liquid and/or gas dispensing. Labeled as DOT Hazard class – 2.3 (poison gas), 8, UN 1741 – Poison Inhalation Hazard Zone C. Customer cylinders of varying sizes may be filled upon request.


Download Safety Data Sheet (SDS):
Information concerning the handling and use of this product is provided in: China(Chinese)China(English)France(french)Germany(German)UK(English), U.S.(English) The SDS must be fully read and understood prior to any exposure, handling or use of the product. Boron trichloride will liberate hydrochloric acid and boric acid on contact with water or moist air. Do not breathe the gas and avoid contact with skin or eyes. In case of contact, wash off with plenty of water; for eyes, get medical attention. Keep cylinder out of sun and away from heat. Under no circumstances should the cylinder delivery tube be inserted into a liquid or gas without a protective device in place to prevent suckback into the cylinder. Water introduced into the cylinder may cause dangerous pressure conditions.