Western Australia


Each site has an environmental management system to drive continual improvement in environmental performance, with a range of targets to ensure compliance and mitigate risks.

Key environmental improvement activities include:

  • A progressive rehabilitation program for land disturbed during the mining process, which returns farmland to the agricultural capability typical of the region.
  • Continuous improvement to reduce energy use and greenhouse gas generation. This involves employees identifying and assessing a range of opportunities from switching off un-used lighting to introducing new high-efficiency technology.
  • Following a ‘reduce, re-use, recycle’ philosophy at all sites, transporting process residues back to the mine site for burial and incorporating into rehabilitated land.
  • Reducing waste by creating a new activated carbon product which is sold domestically and overseas, based on a by-product of the synthetic rutile production process.
  • Reducing pigment plant residue through a synthetic rutile recovery plant which feeds fine grains of un-reacted synthetic rutile back into the production process.
  • Conserving water by replacing 30 per cent of the scheme water used at the Kwinana Pigment Plant with bore water and using treated sewerage for process water.
  • Recycling non-process waste such as paper, batteries and scrap metal through a program which uses materials from Western Australia’s mining industry to help raise funds for local charities.
  • Operating a co-generation plant in which a gas turbine generates electricity and heat from exhaust gases generates steam for use at the Kwinana pigment plant, rather than being vented into the atmosphere.

Health and safety

Our safety goal is zero workplace injuries. Safe work practices and assessment of risks are incorporated into all processes.

Where we cannot remove a potential safety hazard using an engineering solution, careful job analysis provides safe working procedures.

All employees and contractors are trained in site safety procedures prior to starting work and receive regular refresher training.

Safety committees at each site meet on a regular basis to review safety performance, analyse incidents, and devise safe working practices.

Education & Volunteerism

A comprehensive community relations program builds strong links with nearby communities at Cooljarloo, Chandala and Kwinana.

Key initiatives include:

  • A long-term partnership with the Billinue Aboriginal Community resulting in establishment of Cataby Seeds, a successful indigenous business
  • A long-term partnership with Perth Zoo to support The Great Australian Marsupial Night Stalk
  • Open days at each site, providing an opportunity for local community members to learn about operations
  • Sponsorship of the Chittering Landcare Centre which addresses land and water degradation issues in the Brockman River and Ellen Brook catchments
  • Apprenticeships, traineeships, work experience and business opportunities for the Yued people, claimants to the land on which our Falcon Lease is located
  • Support for the Gravity Discovery Centre, a physics and astronomy education centre in Gingin.