KZN Sands, South Africa


Hillendale mine rehabilitation

A commitment has been made to restoring the majority of the area to commercially-viable sugarcane farmland after mining operations have ceased.

Growth medium mixes and spreading methods have been tested, cultivation processes developed for green manuring crops, and sugar cane growth trials conducted.

Based on the trial results, the sugar cane planting started on an industrial scale in 2012 and will continue until the majority of Hillendale is covered with productive sugarcane land providing sustainable growth and sugar yields.

Utilising furnace offgas

Smelting of ilmenite produces carbon monoxide (CO) gas which is colourless, odourless, highly toxic and inflammable — a serious risk to occupational health and safety.

Although burners in the processing complex were designed to use CO gas, the lack of a pressure storage vessel meant the gas was flared to the atmosphere while methane was purchased to fuel the burners. Increased efforts to reduce our carbon footprint and the rising cost of methane reinforced a focus on adapting the plant to use CO gas.

The reductant plant has been operating sustainably on CO gas since November 2011. Burners  in the metal and slag plants and unroasted ilmenite circuit (URIC) will be on CO gas by June

Education & Volunteerism

Tronox community involvement in Kwa-Zulu Natal focuses on education, alleviation of poverty through skills development and job creation, environmental and health programs.

Activities include:

  • Support for the Do Ubuntu Orphan Bracelet Campaign for mothers and children affected by HIV/Aids in South Africa
  • Building, furnishing and helping fund the Somopho creche where three teachers prepare 112 children for entry to primary school.
  • Support for the Zikulise Community Upliftment skills training and enterprise development project which was awarded the Nedbank Capital Green Mining Award for socio-economic development.