Mining proximity to Mtunzini

The law that regulates proximity of mining to Mtunzini is found in the Mine Health and Safety Act of 1996:

  • Regulation 17(7) (a) prescribes the conditions concerning the distance between mining (wining of ore) and areas that needs protection. These regulations require that no mining may take place within 100 metres of “…buildings, roads, railways, …including such structures beyond the mining boundaries, or any surface, which it may be necessary to protect in order to prevent any significant risk, unless a lesser distance has been determined safe by risk assessment and all restrictions and conditions determined in terms of the risk assessment are complied with;”
  • Regulation 17 (11) (b) prevents all mines from mining within 9 metres of a mining boundary.
  • No mining operations within 100 metres of such areas that needs protection may commence unless comment on the restrictions and conditions have been received from the chief inspector of mines.

Tronox KZN Sands currently do not intend to mine within 100 metres of any of the private residences situated in the town of Mtunzini.

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