Mine Exploration

To ensure we are in the best position to meet future feedstock needs and take advantage of our vertical integration, Tronox continuously seeks to secure future mine sites through our mineral sands exploration programs in Australia and South Africa. As part of our ore optimization strategy, the company proactively manages new mining projects with an eye toward the future as existing mine resources are extracted.

Our most notable project in the near future is the development of the Fairbreeze mine near KZN Sands operation in South Africa. Situated south of Mtunzini , the Fairbreeze mine will serve as a replacement source of feedstock production for the current KZN’s Hillendale mine, which is expected to end its full production operations in 2012. Depending on the timing of regulatory approval and subsequent construction, the Fairbreeze mine could be operational in the second half of 2014 and have a life expectancy of approximately 15 years.

Maps of Fairbreeze Mine



Fairbreeze project fact sheets

Additionally, in the longer term, Tronox has been exploring for mineral sand resources in Australia at Jurien and Dongara to provide feedstock to its Chandala plant as resources at the Cooljarloo mine are consumed. More information on Tronox’ Australia mineral sand exploration projects can be found here.

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