Technological Innovation

New technology is driven by the ability to control the transmission and storage of energy used in cars, phones and even traffic signals. As America moves towards achieving its smart grid goals, there will be a foundation for large magnitude energy storage. Electrolytic Products of Tronox is an emerging leader in this new technology realm.

Electrolytic Products of Tronox has been a leading producer of electrolytic manganese dioxide (EMD) products since 1950. EMD is the active ingredient in primary batteries including alkaline, high drain and lithium batteries. The competitive drivers of EMD in our company are low-cost electrolytic power, consistent high-quality products and a dedicated, efficient workforce.

A leading global producer of boron trichloride (BCI3), Electrolytic Products of Tronox has a full service product line, which utilizes low-cost, high-quality ore and labor optimization. The Henderson facility has produced share growth with this product by transitioning into high margin segments through differentiation.

Elemental boron, a component of automotive safety air bag igniters and military flares, is also a product of Henderson’s speciality chemical operations.

Tronox has been manufacturing next generation manganese dioxide products since 2000, including high-performance alkaline EMD and lithium manganese oxide (LMO). Other specialty compounds are produced on a smaller scale with the most advanced technology and superior level of service.