Electrolytic and Specialty Chemicals

New technology is driven by the ability to control the transmission and storage of energy used in cars, phones and even traffic signals. As America and the world move towards achieving its smart grid goals, there will be a foundation for large magnitude energy storage. Electrolytic products of Tronox is an emerging leader in this new technology realm. We continue development of several new electrolytic and specialty products with the major focus on advanced battery materials. This includes new LMO and lithium manganese grades specially engineered for HEV applications and for advanced rechargeable battery systems.

Tronox has been manufacturing next generation manganese dioxide products since 1950, including high-performance alkaline EMD and lithium manganese oxide (LMO). Other specialty compounds are produced on a smaller scale with the most advanced technology and superior level of service.

We produce our electrolytic and specialty chemicals in the United States at production facilities located in Henderson, Nevada.

Product Information

  • Electrolytic manganese dioxide — a component of dry-cell alkaline batteries
  • Boron trichloride —  used in semiconductor and pharmaceutical industries, as well as high performance boron fibers for products including aircraft parts and sporting equipment
  • Elemental boron —  used in the igniter system of automobile  airbags and military flares
  • Lithium manganese oxide —  used as the cathode material for lithium ion batteries