As part of our commitment to environmental care and protection, we plan and implement effective control systems throughout our operations. Each site has an Environmental Management System (EMS) to drive continual improvement in environmental performance,
with a range of targets to ensure compliance and mitigate risks. Under our various agreements with the State Government, we publish comprehensive annual and tri-ennial environmental reports, available for download at the bottom of this page. Our key environmental
improvement activities include:

  • A progressive rehabilitation program for land disturbed during the mining process at Cooljarloo, returning the farmland to an agricultural capability
    typical of the region.
  • A program of continuous improvement in energy efficiency to reduce energy use and greenhouse gas generation. This program involves employees at operating sites identifying and assessing a range of opportunities from small things that each person can
    do to make a difference such as switching off unused lighting or equipment to introduction of new technology with significantly higher efficiency.
  • Following a ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ philosophy at all of our operating sites, all process residues from the Chandala and Kwinana operations are transported back to the Cooljarloo mine site for burial and incorporation into the rehabilitated landform.
  • Reducing waste by creating activated carbon, a sustainable by-product of our synthetic rutile production process, which is sold domestically and overseas.
  • Reducing the amount of residue produced at our Kwinana Pigment Plant through a synthetic rutile recovery plant. This allows fine grains of un-reacted synthetic rutile to be captured and fed back into the pigment production process.
  • Conserving water by replacing 30 per cent of the scheme water used at the Kwinana Pigment Plant with bore water and using treated sewerage water from the Kwinana Water Reclamation Plant for process usage.
  • Recycling non-process waste such as paper, batteries and scrap metal used at Cooljarloo and Chandala operations through the Ruggies Recycling Program. The program facilitates the recycling of a number of materials within Western Australia’s mining
    industry to help raise funds for local charities.
  • Operating a cogeneration plant as a source of energy at the Kwinana Pigment Plant. A gas turbine generates electricity and the heat from the exhaust gases generates steam for use at the plant, rather than being vented into the atmosphere.

Download Corporate Environment Policy.

Environmental Reports: