Chandala Processing Plant

At Chandala we operate a processing complex that includes a dry mill, a synthetic rutile plant and a residue management plant. The dry mill separates the heavy mineral concentrates into different products.

Chandala produces approximately 450,000 metric tons of ilmenite, 80,000 metric tons of zircon, 37,000 metric tons of rutile and 20,000 metric tons of leucoxene a year.

Zircon, rutile and leucoxene are either bagged or sold in bulk. Ilmenite is further processed into synthetic rutile using reduction, aeration and acid leaching.

Activated carbon produced as a by-product of the synthetic rutile process is also graded and packaged for sale.

Of the 220,000 metric tons of synthetic rutile produced each year, approximately 70% is sent to our Kwinana pigment plant to be converted into titanium dioxide and the rest is exported.

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